The Project

«Just think a second how the world would change if a million children prayed the rosary» (St Padre Pio)

« But pray my children, God will hear you in a short time, my son allows Himself to be moved by compassion », Our Lady of Pontmain

The project   

propose to children worlwide to pray the rosary together, once a month, for peace in families, in one's country and in the whole world.


The project is proposed in parishes, communities, associations, schools. These collect the commitments of the children who have registered  « Athenea Pontificius Regina Apostolorum of Rome »  They will give to Pope Benedict XVI, the names of the children and of the group they belong to each month. The confraternity  Notre Dame de France will put them under the statue of Notre Dame de France and the Franciscans of Nazareth will put them in the grotto of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

Why this statue as a logo ?

  1. Because Our Lady is carrying baby Jesus and is asking him to intercede for us.
  2. Because Jesus is carrying an olive branch in his hand, the sign of peace.
  3. Because she is called Our Lady of France, Queen of Peace.
  4. Because the story of Our Lady of France is rich : crowned « Queen of Peace » in 2003 by all the patriarchs and bishops of the various Iraq christian churches, when it was solemnly consecrated to Our Lady. Its story began at the beginning of the XXth century in Jerusalem :
  5. Because this statue has been travelling all over the world since 1996. Today more than 10 000 statues are present in countries around the world.  The confraternity Notre Dame de France keeps on sending statues in other parts of the world each month.
  6. « Because France, the eldest daughter of Church, has a special mission in the quest for Peace.»
  7. Because this statue has been approved of by numerous bishops all over the world and has been welcomed by communities and namely by the Orthodox Patriarch.

How does it work ?

  1. Encouraged by his family, his parish, his movement,  the child connects to the internet, by clicking on the logo which will be placed on the website, and then fills in his commitment. "
  2. The logo is the link to the website "With Mary, children worldwide pray for Peace »; On this website each registered movement will have its own page for presentation.
  3. The child chooses his commitment : either one «  Hail Mary», either a dozen or one set of mysteries.
  4. The child will receive an image (which can be printed on the net) materialising his commitment, to remind him the praying days as well as the details of the group he has joined, if he has joigned any.
  5. The child can also register individually  (the lastname of the children will never be disclosed)).
  6. By clicking on the logo, everyone can get information on : the number of children, by country, by community
  7. Each movement will be able to know, on the "News" page, what was presented to the Holy Father.

Why promote this action ?

  1. Because we cannot pray for Peace without starting it.
  2. Because each movement, each community has a particular mission, dear to the Heart of Jesus and thus it can be profitable to all.
  3. Because experiencing this project together, will allow us to know each other better, to appreciate the value and specific mission of each one of us and to achieve unity, the immediate benefits of which will be the number of children who will support the world by their prayers.
  4. Because this unity will be a great joy for our Holy Father.

All movements are welcomed with enthusiasm and joy. Everyone puts in the energy he can afford.

Conditions to take part :

  1. The children's prayer for Peace is based on the rosary.
  2. The logo will always be the reference.
  3. Have the deepest respect for those children who will, thanks to their prayer, support the world and its future.
  4. Each group is free regarding its development, (the children can be gathered to make them pray together, or they can pray at home).
  5. Each group has its own spirituality and its own operating way (provide the children with prayers, meditations, consecration……).

This project is designed so as to generate no financial cost.